HCHS Faculty and Staff

Principal: Ryan Mitchell [email protected]

Assistant Principal: MJ Kinard [email protected]

Dean of Students 9-12:

Dean of Students 7-8:

Staff Department Email Address
Nancy Allen Business/Technology Teacher [email protected]
Candice Arnold Science Teacher [email protected]
Amy Barker Paraprofessional [email protected]
Anita Beck Art Teacher [email protected]
Betty Bell Food Service [email protected]
Geniane Bell Culinary Arts Teacher [email protected]
Peggy Bell Custodial [email protected]
Surretta Bell Paraprofessional [email protected]
Angela Boatwright Math Teacher [email protected]
Shontina Brown Food Service [email protected]
Imogene Bullock Reading Teacher [email protected]
Denise Clayton Science Teacher [email protected]
Doug Clayton Agriculture Teacher [email protected]
Scott Connelly Middle School Guidance [email protected]
Tiffany Criswell Social Emotional Learning [email protected]
Jeanie Daniels Paraprofessional [email protected]
Louis Daniels Teacher Support Colleague [email protected]
Brianne Deas Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Jacquita Denson Athletics Data Clerk [email protected]
Bryon Dickerson School Resource Officer [email protected]
Norman Freestone Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Tina Gandy Food Service [email protected]
Angelina Gaspar Paraprofessional [email protected]
Margarita Gaspar Front Desk Receptionist [email protected]
Katie Ginn Bookkeeper [email protected]
Travis Glover English Teacher [email protected]
Joanna Griffin Principal's Secretary [email protected]
Phyllis Harris Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Steven Hawkins AFJROTC Teacher [email protected]
Bill Hightower Hope Academy Alternative Ed. [email protected]
Nikki Hunter School Health Clinic
Annie Jackson Custodial  [email protected]
Anthony Jackson Paraprofessional [email protected]
LaTisha Jackson Food Service [email protected]
Phillip Jackson Custodial  [email protected]
Sharon Jackson Food Service [email protected]
Pamela Johnson Front Desk Receptionist [email protected]
Amber Jones Music/Theatre Teacher [email protected]
Glenda Jones School Health Clinic [email protected]
MJ Kinard

Assistant Principal

[email protected]
Robert Kumpel English Teacher [email protected]
Gretchen Laseter-Rogers Culinary Arts Teacher [email protected]
LaRue Lieupo Paraprofessional [email protected]
Michael Lindblade Custodial [email protected]
Samantha Livermore Math Teacher [email protected]
Maria Marrero Social Worker [email protected]
Niki Martin Guidance Data Clerk [email protected]
Katie McCoy Paraprofessional [email protected]
Amy Melvin English Teacher [email protected]
Brian Metzger English Teacher [email protected]
Nancy Metzger Reading Teacher [email protected]
Taylor Mingle English Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Mitchell High School Guidance [email protected]
Kirk Mitchell Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Ryan Mitchell Principal [email protected]
Jermaine Morgan Food Service [email protected]
Tratika Morgan Food Service Manager [email protected]
Vickie Morris Reading Teacher [email protected]
Patrick Murphy Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Sally Murphy Math Teacher [email protected]
Amy Norris Critical Thinking Teacher [email protected]
Margaret Owens Custodial  [email protected]
Horacio Perez Social Science [email protected]
Wendy Perrin Math [email protected]
David Raney Math Teacher [email protected]
Gracie Raven Food Service [email protected]
DeAngelo Robinson Science Teacher [email protected]
Carolyn Shaw Paraprofessional [email protected]
Shankeyda Simmons School Health Coordinator [email protected]
Travis Simmons Custodial [email protected]
Jim Simpson In School Suspension Teacher [email protected]
Dawn Sims Nursing Teacher [email protected]
Ashley Thompson Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Clay Tomlinson

Hamilton Virtual School/Career Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator

[email protected]
Brittany Weaver Exeception Student Ed. Teacher [email protected]
Rosa Whetstone Food Service [email protected]
Noah White Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Natalie Wiggins Math Teacher [email protected]
Christie Williams Media Specialist [email protected]
Denise Williams English Teacher [email protected]
KJ Wingate Exeception Student Ed. Teacher
Ruby Zanders Food Service [email protected]