Minimum Ranks

Provided a cadet is in good standing and has a "C" average, they are assigned a minimum (or permanent) cadet enlisted rank based on the amount of time they have satisfactorily participated in AFJROTC.  

  1. First year Cadets                  Cadet Airman

  2. Second year Cadets              Cadet Airman First Class
  3. Third year Cadets                 Cadet Senior Airman
  4. Fourth year Cadets               Cadet Staff Sergeant

Promotion Requirements

Promotions require excellent attitude and performance as determined by the SASI. Promotions recognize achievement in AFJROTC and the potential to perform in a position with greater authority and responsibility.  Cadets are required to meet the eligibility requirements as listed in the JROTC Promotion Rubric.  Out-of-cycle promotions may be made at any time by the SASI to fill vacant positions or to recognize special merit. Eligibility requirements for promotion are as follows.

See the Cadet Guide Chapter 9 (click on link or go to the "AFJROTC Class Information" page) for further details.  Speak with the SASI/ASI with any questions.

The SASI and ASI always have the right to promote or demote outside of these guidelines when the situation is unique.