HCHS Faculty and Staff

Principal: Donald Harrison [email protected]

Assistant Principal: Marjorie Cooks [email protected]

Dean of Students: Horace Jefferson [email protected]

Staff Department Email Address
Candice Arnold Science [email protected]
Anita Beck ESE [email protected]
Geniane Bell Culinary Arts [email protected]
Peggy Bell Custodial  [email protected]
Surretta Bell ESE [email protected]
Tonya Bell ESE [email protected]
Lisa Bennett Front Desk Receptionist [email protected]
Rachel Budwick Art [email protected]
Imogene Bullock Reading [email protected]
Ragan Carnley Registrar [email protected]
Leslie Carter Graduation Coach / CTE [email protected]
Denise Clayton Science [email protected]
Doug Clayton Agriculture [email protected]
Mike Cohen Truancy [email protected]
Scott Connelly Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Marjorie Cooks Assistant Principal [email protected]
Tiffany Criswell Social Emotional Health [email protected]
Renee Daigle ESE [email protected]
Jeanie Daniels HOPE Academy [email protected]
Louis Daniels Business [email protected]
Brianne Deas Social Sciences [email protected]
Norman Freestone Social Sciences [email protected]
Travis Glover ISS [email protected]
Joanna Griffin Principal's Secretary [email protected]
Phyllis Harris Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Donnie Harrison Principal [email protected]
Steve Hawkins AFJROTC [email protected]
George Hilyard AFJROTC [email protected]
Annie Jackson Custodial  [email protected]
Ashley Jackson ESE [email protected]
Phillip Jackson Custodial  [email protected]
Horace Jefferson Dean of Students [email protected]
Charles Johnson Custodial  [email protected]
Robert Kumpel English [email protected]
Vincent Lanier Custodial  [email protected]
Gretchen Laseter-Rogers Athletics Data Clerk [email protected]
Concepcion Ledezma English [email protected]
LaRue Lieupo PE [email protected]
Samantha Livermore Math [email protected]
Meghan Lloyd Bookkeeper [email protected]
Amy Melvin English [email protected]
Brian Metzger English [email protected]
Nancy Metzger Reading [email protected]
Terry Miller ESE [email protected]
Elizabeth Mitchell Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Ryan Mitchell Teacher Support Colleague [email protected]
Tratika Morgan Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Vickie Morris Reading [email protected]
Patrick Murphy PE [email protected]
Sally Murphy Math [email protected]
Amy Norris Critical Thinking - 8th grade [email protected]
Margaret Owens Custodial  [email protected]
Elisabeth Parris ESE/Theater [email protected]
John Paul Custodial  [email protected]
Horacio Perez Civics [email protected]
Wendy Perrin Math [email protected]
David Raney Science [email protected]
Heidi Reinhardt Science [email protected]
Dustin Rucker Math [email protected]
Bethanne Sevcech English [email protected]
Carolyn Shaw ESE [email protected]
Joyce Shaw Culinary Arts [email protected]
Susan Summers Reading Coach [email protected]
Ashley Thompson Spanish [email protected]
Brittany Weaver ESE [email protected]
Natalie Wiggins Math [email protected]
Christie Williams Media Specialist [email protected]