Career Goals

Preparing To Be College and Career Ready

"ROTC goes far beyond the military, it follows you throughout your life.  Here we learn respect for ourselves as well as others.  This program helps you prepare for your future by teaching you teamwork, responsibility for yourself and others, as well as giving you the tools needed to succeed in your everyday life." C. Miller
"ROTC teaches leadership...and responsibility." M. Wallace
"Helps you prepare for college readiness by teaching you maturity, organization, teambuilding and many more skills." M. Bass
"ROTC teaches how to have discipline, not just for school, but for life purposes." A. West
"JROTC helps us develop our leadership skill and teambuilding skills, so that when we get a job we can be leaders at whatever we do." L. Bryant
"ROTC teaches most everything you need to know when you get to to manage your money, how to make a budget and how to pick a college that is in line with your goals." H. Altman
"This program teaches you how to become a better person and leader.  It teaches how you should handle your real life situations." M. Bryant
"Yes, its a military class, but there's more to it than just that.  I've learned discipline, respect, and leadership." K. Marcano
"ROTC helps guide young minds and has helped me by giving me many options and ideas on what I can do." K. Aaron
"AFJROTC helped me obtain leadership and integrity.  I think this program has and will continue to teach our students that there is no limit to what we can achieve." D. McClendon